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Development philosophy, pragmatic innovation The superego The pursuit of excellence

Mountain northwest record tree casting co., LTD., the innovation as the foundation for the development of the enterprise, not only to technological innovation, in the product, market, management, system and idea to innovation, innovation is also a driving force for the development of the northwest mountain recorded trees casting co., LTD., and it is the basis of innovation to down-to-earth to be realized. To constantly meet and exceed customer demand on technology, product and services, companies and employees to constantly challenge to oneself, make progress every day, and never complacent.

Technology philosophy, with each passing day One step ahead

Mountain northwest record tree casting co., LTD., the technical innovation as the source of their enterprise progresses day by day, beyond the self motivation. Company will continue to launch with independent intellectual property rights of innovative products to meet market and customer demand, and strive for their own products not only in the domestic leading, and in the international lead.

User satisfaction with the service concept, customer demand

Mountain northwest record tree casting co., LTD., give full consideration to the diverse needs of customers, from pre-sales to after-sale service, and put the \"customer satisfaction is our pursuit\" as a commitment to the user, to try our best to satisfy various customers' needs, at the same time, also provide users with personalized service, the user's ideal and pursuit into a reality.

Cooperation concept - the team first Each primary and secondary

Mountain northwest record tree casting co., LTD., the team spirit as the cooperation of core employees, in the implementation of the company's development strategy and target, each employee, regardless of the position size of opinions can, straight above their own opinions, and on the implementation of the specific things, all the employees are your partners, so that the development of the company more healthy, more clear goals.

Management concept, culture system constraints

Mountain northwest record tree casting co., LTD., the highest state of the corporate culture as a management, through the company's corporate culture edification for employees agreed in such aspects as values, corporate philosophy, cultivate the spirit of the staff work excellently, at the same time, through the company's institutionalized to implement target management, ensure the project completed on schedule.

Survival concept, leading technology

Although has the latest, leading technology, but we are in the development of the industry is rapidly changing, if we are to stop there, easy implementation, so maybe the company will be tomorrow does not exist, so every day set up strong suffering consciousness, is our holy spring radiator co., LTD. In hebei to the guarantee of the survival and development.